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Empowering You: Transforming Your Life Through the Power of Awareness

Think of your current results. Are you satisfied with where you are?

Awareness is an essential aspect of both personal and societal growth, and mindset plays a significant role in shaping how you perceive and respond to information and the world around you. Your mindset reflects your underlying beliefs and attitudes, which shape your behaviour and actions. Having a fixed mindset can be limiting and may lead to feelings of frustration and stagnation because your underlying beliefs are such that your abilities and talents are predetermined and cannot be developed or improved. In contrast, an empowered mindset is changing your limiting beliefs, because through awareness you can consciously create the results you desire, leading to feelings of fulfillment and accomplishment. It’s truly remarkable how a simple shift in awareness can make all the difference in achieving success and personal growth.



You are capable of so much more than you know. If you are ready to unlock your hidden potential and say yes to you, I would love to help you reach that next level and beyond. I specialize in helping people with imposter syndrome, (having low self-confidence, feeling like a failure, having limiting beliefs about abilities, and feeling like any success is not deserved). I also teach students skills to increase their confidence and skills within their academic studies to produce the results they desire. You are worth it.

Madame Laureen

Mindset Mentoring:

Are you tired of feeling stuck and inferior? Frustrated with your results? We offer mindset coaching to get you out of that rut and into success.

French lessons:

Do you want to speak another language? We have lessons from beginner to advanced for ages 4 to adults.

Academic support:

Is your child struggling in school? Or is your child bored and requires some enrichment? We offer lessons taught in both English and French in a variety of subjects for grades 5-12.

Madame Laureen

I am a certified Ontario teacher and mindset educator who has helped people to go from struggling to thriving in both the academic setting and in their careers. I have a passion to help people overcome imposter syndrome as I suffered from this limiting mindset for years. It held me back from achieving what I wanted in life, the freedom to follow my dreams, and to have the abundant life that I only thought was possible in my dreams. As a teacher, I have seen firsthand how limiting beliefs affect children, and I remember struggling as a child. By combining my academic knowledge and mindset, I love empowering students to succeed.

I’d Love to Help

Do you feel like everyone else is getting ahead, and you’re left behind?

Academics Intro

Do you have a child who is having some challenges in school? Tutoring is a great way to increase your child’s abilities. Our tutoring lessons combine academics and mindset to give your child an advantage. They will increase their confidence, their self-esteem, and their abilities. Lessons are available in English and French in various subjects, taught by an Ontario Certified Teacher with over 20 years of experience.

Tutoring – for grades 5 and up

– French, English, math*, social sciences and humanities*, science (grade 9 and 10)*

* available in both English and French

– Exam Preparation

– Essay Writing

French Lessons

Did you know that learning a second language strengthens cognitive abilities, promotes creativity, and is a competitive advantage in the job market?

Clover Academy offers French classes for all levels, ages 4 and up.

French lessons for homeschool students – for all ages from beginner to advanced

Mindset Mentoring

Imagine what your life would be like if you are the person succeeding, making decisions with boldness, and feeling confident and empowered in all areas of your life. Learn how to bring your DREAMS into REALITY through the POWER of your THOUGHTS.

This formula for achieving success is for motivated individuals who want more out of life. To guide people to discover their hidden potential, realize this potential, and transform their life. It is important to know who and where you are now, so you can see the transformation when living intentionally, this is your road map to success. Are you ready to: 

— Create your life intentionally

— Become self-aware

— Improve your self-esteem

— Create your self-image/concept

— Increase your confidence

— Discover your purpose/direction

— Improve your performance

— Make more money

— Increase your wealth

— Attract your ideal partner

Philosophy of Learning

  • Learning should be fun and engaging.
  • Teaching should be creative and should involve the students in authentic learning situations.
  • Mindset and how students see themselves as learners are both essential to learning. It is essential to have a classroom environment that is positive, encouraging and reflects the needs of all learning styles to motivate students.
  • When learning a second language, culture should be taught at the same time since these elements complement each other.

Students lead and the teacher facilitates. Using a student-centred approach allows students to determine the pace of learning, and this empowers them to ask questions and take a more active role in their learning.