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Services Provided


French lessons:

Have you ever wanted to speak French? Would your children like to learn another language? Being bilingual, especially in Canada has many advantages such as more economic and employment opportunities, improved academic performance, better communication and problem-solving skills, increased memory and cognitive function, and it makes travelling easier. Clover Academy offers lessons from beginner to advanced, for ages 4 to adult.

Learning modes

Lessons are offered both online and in person. Online classes must have a working microphone and camera to be able to participate fully in the program. In-person lessons are in a cat-friendly home. All students must wash their hands before starting the lessons.

Home school classes – no French experience

Currently, Clover Academy has classes for Young Beginners (ages 4-9) and Beginners (ages 10-13). Choose from once-per-week or twice-per-week classes. Other classes are created depending on enrolment.

Home school classes – French Immersion

In-person classes for French immersion math and French (8 hours per week) Other classes are created depending on enrolment.

After-school French and Adult lessons

Classes for French are available after school for students (ages 9-17) who want to improve or extend their skills. Classes are based on the level of French. Learning mode and class availability depend on enrolment.

Adult lessons (18+) are available both daytime and evenings. Classes range from beginner to advanced. Learning mode and class availability depend on enrolment.


Le soutien académique en français:

Avez-vous un enfant qui a besoin du soutien académique en français? La pandémie a créé des lacunes pour beaucoup d’élèves et il y a de moins en moins de ressources et soutien à l’école. Nos leçons combinent l’estime de soi avec les matières scolaires pour aider les enfants à augmenter leur confiance. Alors Clover Academy offre des leçons à partir de la 4e année pour aider vos enfants à rattraper, d’améliorer leurs habilités et réussir. Matières disponibles: les maths, le français, les études sociaux (l’histoire, la géographie, la psychologie, la sociologie), et la science (4e à 10e).

En ligne ou en personne

Les leçons en ligne permettent vos enfants d’avoir accès au professeur via Zoom. Ces leçons peuvent être enregistrées et vous pouvez les téléchargées pour réviser plus tard. Tous les types de leçons – classes, semi-privées et privées, sont disponibles dans les deux modes dépendant de l’inscription. 

Les leçons en personne a lieu dans une maison avec les chats. Tout le monde devrait se laver les mains avant de commencer la leçon. Les masques sont optionnels. Tous les types de leçons – classes, semi-privées et privées, sont disponibles dans les deux modes dépendant de l’inscription.


On offre les leçons en groupe (minimum de 3 à un maximum à 8). Ce petit groupe aide votre enfant à apprendre et à pratiquer leurs habilités dans un environnement encourageant. La matière dépend de l’inscription (maths et français offerts).

Leçons semi-privée

Ces leçons sont avec deux personnes. Ce petit groupe permet votre enfant d’avoir plus de temps avec le professeur et aussi l’opportunité de pratiquer avec un partenaire. La matière dépend de l’inscription (maths et français offerts).

Les leçons privées

Ces leçons sont personnalisées pour votre enfant. Vous pouvez choisir la matière [maths, français, études sociaux (histoire, géographie, psychologie, sociologie), science (4e à 10e)].


Academic Support:

Are your children struggling or having challenges in school? Do they experience test anxiety and need some extra practice? There are more students with learning gaps now since the pandemic due to many interruptions during the school year.  Our lessons combine academics and mindset to give your child the ability to view themselves as successful learners by increasing their self-esteem and confidence. Clover Academy offers lessons beginning in grade 4, to help your children fill in those gaps, improve their skills, and experience academic success. Subjects can be taught in both English and/or French: math, social studies (history, geography, psychology, sociology), science (grade 4- 10), and language (French, English).

Online or in-person

Online lessons are available via Zoom. Lessons can be recorded, so students can download and rewatch the lessons. Lessons are available online – classes, semi-private, private, depending on enrolment. Prices depend on the 

In-person lessons are in a residence that has cats. All students must wash their hands before the start of the lesson. Masks are optional.


We offer group classes (a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 8). Classes are beneficial for children as they learn to interact with others and practice their skills in an encouraging environment. The subjects depend on interest and enrolment. 

Semi-private lessons

These lessons have two students. Small groups allow for more time for guided individual practice with the teacher as well as the opportunity to practice with a partner. The subjects depend on interest and enrolment.


Private lessons

Personalized lessons for your child in the subject of choice [Math, French, Reading, Writing, Social studies (History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology), and science up to grade 10. Subjects are available in French for Immersion students.

About Laureen

Laureen started her own journey of self-discovery as a teenager. She would read self-help books, journal, and visualize, yet she did not have any guidance. Her results were not changing, and she just kept buying more books. She had a few great mentors in the past, however, it was during the pandemic that something shifted, and she completely transformed my life. She had unlocked the potential inside her that she always had, she just wasn’t aware of it. Knowing the impact that this information made on her life, Laureen felt compelled to help others. What good is having life-transforming information, if you do not share it?

Laureen has always had the desire to see people learn and achieve success. As a teacher, she knows the value of this information, so she started to incorporate it into her lessons. Not only were students who embodied the information have better academic results, but their confidence also increased and their perspectives changed. It was incredible to see such dramatic shifts in such a short period of time.

This led her to create Clover Academy, to combine her two passions, education and mindset. It is now time for Laureen to expand beyond the classroom. She has a passion to help both teens and adults to discover their hidden abilities and to achieve the life of their dreams. Laureen has made a choice to dedicate the rest of her life to guiding and teaching others about their own hidden potential and how to unlock their inner greatness.

Laureen is a certified teacher with over 25 years of experience, having taught in 3 different countries in a variety of school and professional settings in both English and French. She holds 3 University degrees, a Bachelor of Arts, a Master’s degree, and a Bachelor of Education.